If i design my company lanyard and card on this website and give an order, am i going to get the exact same product as i created on lanyardmarket.com?

If you are planing to put your logo on your lanyard or your card, lanyardmarket.com will request vector formats of your logos in the last step which is order confirmation. If you have changed the colors of your logo or multiple logos, we will catch the color with 90% approximation. This approximation is also used for your lanyard's and card's background RGB color. You can also order samples of the lanyards and cards before giving orders in the last step, order confirmation.

This website is also usefull for designing my printed ribbons, am i going to get charged although i don't have any orders?

Lanyardmarket.com service is free. You can also save your designs as drafts after you complete your membership. Members of lanyardmarket.com can save up to 5 drafts and use them in their future works. Members can also get their designs as png files on their computers.

I am a lanyard wholesaler and my customers may demand the certificates of the products that i sell. Are your products have certifications?

Our products are OEKO-TEX certified. If you need further certifications, please create a ticket about this issue on our support section.

Lanyarmarket.com can not be used by mobile devices. Do you have plans on updating mobile site or releasing apps for mobile devices?

Yes we are improving our mobile site and applications which are going to be available on iOS and Android devices, but it is still under development process. We are also planing to add unique features on mobile applications.

May i have discounts depending my order sizes?

Lanyardmarket.com have stable discounts on prices depending on order sizes. You can check discount rates by changing your order count in the last step which is order confirmation.