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How Lanyard Market changed Carolina's entire marketing strategy

Lanyard Market Blog how Carolina change her business

Shopping from internet became a serious part of our lives for getting the products we need such as electronics, clothes, foods and much more in front of our door. What about the products especially manufactured only for you? How can you tell about that special product specifications to the manufacturer more fast? Lanyard Market gives the ability to it's users to create and design their own promotional products more fast without a need of a knowledge of a designer. But what are these promotioal products? Promotional products are powerful tools which helps people, organizations and companies to put forward their brand values in front of their customers.

Carolina is a long term promotional products seller in Italy. When she first met with Lanyard Market, she spent days trying to learn and analyse how our system works and how she can benefit from it with the help of our support. Carolina believed Lanyard Market has the potential to let her serve her customers faster and better and decided to give it a try. She shared her 5 main thoughts with us.

◾ I can now design the products of my customers in minutes instead of hours or days.

◾ I have the ability now to show my customers the designs of finished products in digital environment.

◾ Prices can change online when i design the product. This lets me introduce more product types with different price options to my customers.

◾ Product qualities are unique and really different which has a silk like soft pattern. My customers are in love with the new product material. Also prices are lower then the industry average prices here in Italy.

◾ I can follow my order status online until i get the products in front of my door. Also i can get more business oppurtinities as production times are 2-3 days in average.

Carolina told us that her lanyard sales is in now three times more and the effort she gives is divided by three. This made us more happier then her. We will continue to share success stories from different countries on our blog.