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Importance of a fast service for special promotional products

Importance of a fast service for special promotional products

You realize that you are too late for a production of printed lanyards printed with your own company brand logos for an upcoming event, an organization or just for a important meeting. Latency for these type of products means giving the special promotional product order without calculating the production time. You start to think of negotiating with the manufacturer about producing that product in a short time. We wanted to share a story we have faced as same as this situation.

Alex is a recent customer of Lanyard Market who had an emergency with printed lanyards. He found Lanyard Market with a reference of a customer who had worked with us before. Our live chat team helped Alex on the website with the issue he was having. He needed 200 pieces of lanyard in one week for an upcoming event. We checked our production status and promised him to deliver the lanyards in only 2 days and make the shipment. Also contacted our shipment provider company to be more fast then ever before.

After this promise, Alex carefully checked the website in more detail, made his own design for the lanyards and sent the order to us for review. He forgot to add the logo vector files (.pdfs) to his project and we kindly asked him to send us the files by email. After every approvement, production took 2 days and shipment took 3 days. We were glad to let him get his special items in 5 days instead of 7 days. Alex is working with us since he got his first lanyards.